November 2014
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Acts of Positivity

I found this cute message from Alpha Phi Omega sitting on a water fountain in Hill Hall.

One thing that I’ll miss about McDaniel when I graduate in May is that the Hill is generally a really friendly place. I’m always likely to be greeted with a warm and familiar smile on my way […]

International Dinner


Cream puffs on a chopstick

Last night, we had an international dinner in my dorm. Lots of my residents came and tried food from all over the world. We had cream puffs which are a French dessert. We had Chinese and Japanese food as well as beef empanadas. Amusingly, one of my residents […]

My Personal Happiness Project

McDaniel College is a beautiful place — and that’s something worth savoring.

On November 6, Dr. Jaime Kurtz from James Madison University came to campus to discuss happiness and savoring college life. She made a lot of interesting points about being mindful of the good things in our lives. After all, people get used […]

My professors are my friends!

To top off an awesome dinner, they let me take cookies home!

Hey guys,

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking out of class when one of my teachers from last year hailed me in the hall. She pulled me over and asked me what I was doing that evening. I nervously answered […]

Prague- Czech It Out.

This weekend trip to Prague marks my last out of the country trip for my fall study abroad experience. The next country I will see will be the United States! Prague is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen- it was a perfect last trip for me. The Student […]