November 2014
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Staying in touch with home via voting

Hey guys!

A few days ago, I checked my mail and received my Vote by Mail ballot, to my great excitement. The only reason I was excited to turn 18 was to finally be able to vote. Even though I’m many miles away from the great city of San Francisco, my permanent residence is still [...]

Real Food Challenge at McDaniel

Hi guys,

Last Wednesday, McDaniel took a huge step forward when Dr. Casey and Dean Gerl signed the Real Food Challenge agreement. The school is agreeing to ensure that by the year 2020, 20% of the food McDaniel serves in Glar will be ‘real,’ which means local or community/based, organic/ecologically-sound, humane, or fair trade. This [...]

Argentinian Pen Pals

Here on campus we have multiple language houses. Because of a partnership we have with a school in Argentina, the Spanish house director has always been Argentinian.

Two years ago, the Spanish house director was Karina, and she was a really cool. Now she and the current Spanish house director, Angie, have a pen pall [...]

What’s for Dinner? Dining at McDaniel College

We have five options on campus for eating. Our main place for eating is Englar dining hall which the students typically refer to as Glar. This is one of the two places where your meal plan can be used. Glar typically has theme nights such as German night for German American day, themed for when [...]

Late Night Pancake Breakfast

Hi there!

One of the many fabulous things about Residence Life at McDaniel is the events they throw, in particular the late night events usually held on Thursday or Friday nights. This past Friday saw Late Night Breakfast and Bingo.

We set up a griddle and were flipping pancakes all evening, and we also had [...]