October 2014
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Life Without a Dryer

I just realized that I have never adequately described the McDaniel Budapest campus. How could I have missed that? Although McDaniel Europe does have similarities to the main campus in Westminster, it is an extremely different college and here are some of the main differences I have experienced during my time at the Budapest campus [...]

Zagreb, Croatia

Thanks to our three day weekend and Budapest’s central location, a group of McDaniel study abroad students traveled to Zagreb, Croatia. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and while it is not the main tourist city, (Split and other coastal towns attract the most tourists) it was still an amazing city to explore.


After [...]

Just a Normal Day in Class…

If you have examined the components of the McDaniel Plan, you were probably either thrilled or terrified when you noticed the “Creative Expression” requirement. Even if you are not an inherently artistic person, there are still a variety of classes that you might find bearable (or maybe even fun) such as Jewelry Design, or, the [...]

Nostalgia – Italy

Last semester, I studied abroad in a tiny town in Italy called Tuscania.  I spent four months there getting to know the people, the places. I miss it immensely and I began to feel nostalgic today and decided to write about the beautiful scenes of my study abroad experience, hoping that you too would feel [...]

Study Abroad (aka My Summer in Scotland)

Last week I mentioned that I was lucky enough to study abroad in Scotland for two months this summer (although given the recent Indepence Referendum there, I probably should have gone this fall). It was an amazing time that I can’t sum up into a few words, but I’ll try: fun, history, traveling, friends, dances [...]