August 2014
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Study Abroad Friendships

Today is one of my good friends 21st Birthday. We met while we were studying abroad together and really got along and spent a decent amount of our time together. Hence why I am writing about study abroad friendships.

When you decide to study abroad you make the decision to leave what you know here [...]

Budapest and the Snow

As many of you know McDaniel is having its second snow day this week! There are several things to do on a snow day such as having a snow ball fight, making a snow man, go sledding, or staying in and watching movies. All of these are enjoyable but they make me miss the city [...]

Starting the Semester with Some New Responsibilities

This semester will definitely be busier than usual for me, which I’ll discuss later in the week with my first week of classes. Today I’d like to discuss the additional responsibilities I’ve chosen to take on this semester that will test my time management skills.

The biggest thing is that I’ve decided to become more [...]

Well, hello!

Hello, McBlog readers!

My apologies for the delay in my introduction, but I was off taking advantage of my liberal arts education traveling across England, Romania, and Turkey for 3 weeks with Drs Kachur and McIntyre hunting Dracula (yes, really). Not to mention, I’m a second semester Senior, so naturally Senioritis set in about three months [...]

Back from Europe!

Getting back from Europe is exhausting, especially when that trip to Europe in itself was exhausting! But even though my sleep schedule is a little out of whack at the moment, it was all worth it! I had a fabulous 11 days in Europe with a fabulous group of people. I got figurative and literal [...]