November 2014
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Chimney Cakes in Budapest!

I am convinced that Europe is composed of bread. I am not complaining–just an observation! To celebrate this wonderful food group, on Friday, I went with my roommate to the 2nd Sekler Cake Festival. The festival celebrated the famous Hungarian chimney cakes, or kurtoskalacs.

At the festival, there were at least ten different chimney cake […]

Buses, Hostels, and Student Discounts: Things I’ve Learned About Planning Trips

Just to restate the obvious–I love traveling. Studying abroad in Budapest has given me fantastic opportunities to explore more of Europe, and I still have three remaining weekend trips in October and November. Since I am studying abroad, here are some things I have learned about while planning trips.

1. Budget Bus Lines

I think […]

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia is only a two and a half hour bus ride from Budapest – the perfect weekend destination. Two other friends and I found round trip bus tickets for $24 and a hostel for $20 a night. With prices like these, why wouldn’t we make the trip to visit Bratislava?

This weekend was one […]

Life Without a Dryer: McDaniel Budapest Realizations

I just realized that I have never adequately described the McDaniel Budapest campus. How could I have missed that? Although McDaniel Europe does have similarities to the main campus in Westminster, it is an extremely different college and here are some of the main differences I have experienced during my time at the Budapest campus […]

Zagreb, Croatia

Thanks to our three day weekend and Budapest’s central location, a group of McDaniel study abroad students traveled to Zagreb, Croatia. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and while it is not the main tourist city, (Split and other coastal towns attract the most tourists) it was still an amazing city to explore.


After […]