November 2014
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The Big One

Since I am an English major, my capstone is approximately a thirty page paper about some theoretical part of language or literature that I find interesting to study and write a large paper on.

I started researching my topic during the fall semester while working at Walt Disney World. Yes, surprise […]

Preparations for Spring Break

The week leading up to Spring Break always seems like the longest week of the semester. Not only are most students packing up to go home/on vacation but we also have this horrible rain cloud above our heads called “midterms.” In my four years, I have figured out how to conquer midterms…it […]

My Scientific Reasoning Behind Choosing McDaniel

I love when people ask me on tour why I chose McDaniel because my story is pretty unique. As a Senior touring many colleges, I was overwhelmed by all the information each one gave me about their student life, academics, and professors. I couldn’t take everything in at once. So I narrowed my focus down […]

Snow Day!

Snow days when you’re a child are all about running outside to build a snowman or sled down the big hill you were too scared to go near last year. In college they’re called lets-sit-in-sweatpants-drink-coffee-and-catch-up-on-homework days. Granted, they are still welcome with open arms just for other reasons. Last week was our first week of […]

Holiday Traditions, 80 Degree Weather, and Snow

My Christmas traditions have been the same for 21 years. A big all day Christmas party with family and friends on Christmas Eve, church at midnight, early morning travel on Christmas Day to my family in NY, watching the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade with my cousins, and a huge family feast with cookies for […]