November 2014
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Tradition on the Hill

The end of every school year is filled with tradition. Each club or organization has their way of sending off the seniors and transferring power to the juniors. In my sorority at our last meeting, we do “pass downs.” This is a time when all the seniors come with as much Gamma Sig stuff as they want […]

Why I Relay…..

Every year McDaniel College participates in American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. At the end of April, we all gather as a community and raise money to stop cancer forever. Twenty teams participated in the twelve hour event. My team, Gamma Sigma Sigma, was the team that raised the most money since the start of […]

The Word on Everyone’s Mind…Final

This is the time in the semester when people start getting less sleep, drinking more coffee, and taking on more than they thought they would. A little less than a month away from the end of the semester and everyone is starting to wrap things up. This week seems to be comprised on final projects […]

A Celebration of a Famous Bill…

April 23rd, the birthday of Mr. Bill Shakespeare.

What better way to honor him than with cake, sonnets, and his plays!

Shakespeare in the Square is an event hosted every year by the English Department in Red Square to celebrate the literary works of Shakespeare. This year students and faculty gathered in the square to […]

Spring Fling 2013!

Every year the Office of Student Engagement throws a huge carnival for all the students a few weeks before the end of the semester. It’s a chance for us to relax and pretend to be kids again. This year was my third Spring Fling and by now I know exactly how to make the most […]