August 2014
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Smart Talk!

Yesterday, McDaniel hosted a SmartTalk event. They brought in a CIA attorney who is a McDaniel Alumni! She spoke about her experience and how a liberal arts college shaped her into the person she is today. Niki Grandrimo graduated class of 98′ and has dedicated her life to protecting this country. She attended law school [...]

When hardship strikes, help is always here

This is not a happy post, but it is my hope that in posting it, I can capture some of the excellence of the people–the students and professors–that truly ARE McDaniel.

Life at college is good, but sometimes, life off campus has a way of penetrating life on campus, and sometimes, in not so pleasant [...]

New Member of the McBlogging Family

Hello everyone! Before pouring in my experiences I had in and out of McDaniel, I would like to give a short introduction of myself first, otherwise you all would be wondering who is this person coming all of a sudden with a flight route. So my name is Lamia Rhymee. I come from the [...]

Guest Speakers in Class

Even though I am an Exercise Science major I still enjoy taking other classes. This semester I am taking a social work class called Human Behavior in the Social Environment.

This class is a 1000 level class. All this means is that it is a beginners course that freshmen usually take. Since I am a [...]

Helping out at Special Olympics

One of the many reasons I love McDaniel is because of all the events they put on. These events range from movies to volunteer work you can help at. This past weekend I got the pleasure of helping out at the Special Olympics.

McDaniel hosted the a basketball tournament, which were the qualification matches, for [...]