September 2014
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Spring Break past adventures

As spring break comes around the corner, I keep thinking about my amazing trip last year to the Dominican Republic. This trip was organized by the school and was technically considered a “Jan-Term”, but we went in March. A group of students who have taken over three courses of ASL were able to travel down [...]

My Scientific Reasoning Behind Choosing McDaniel

I love when people ask me on tour why I chose McDaniel because my story is pretty unique. As a Senior touring many colleges, I was overwhelmed by all the information each one gave me about their student life, academics, and professors. I couldn’t take everything in at once. So I narrowed my focus down [...]

New McBlogger: Maria Brew

Hello everyone! My name is Maria Brew and I am a senior here on the Hill. I am very excited to be blogging for the school and sharing my experience here at McDaniel! I come from a small town called Moorestown located in South Jersey. Living in Moorestown I got the best of both worlds [...]

How I Found McDaniel

When people find out I am from Colorado, I generally get the same question: How did you find McDaniel? I realized I have yet to share that with you guys! So here we go: I knew that I wanted to try living somewhere other than Colorado and that I wanted to play soccer. The east coast [...]

Forever friends

I am convinced that I have found the best of friends at McDaniel. The people I am so fortunate to be surrounded by are people I know I’ll be friends with forever. With such a friendly environment, it is hard not to make such good friends! An example of what great friends I have is [...]