July 2014
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Senior Week? More like BEST week

Senior Week is a unique thing at McDaniel. We have a whole week after finals of celebrating our success and completion of graduation! The school sets up fun events for us all week!

This year, we are going for brunch at a restaurant downtown. Having a pub crawl downtown, the school is providing us a meal with crabs and there is a bus to the Orioles game! I love how McDaniel has all these fun events for us! I am so excited to finish up finals week and be able to celebrate and relax until I reach the real world!So thank you McDaniel for Senior week!

Eeekkk, Finals Week!

Final’s week has finally arrived! Luckily, all my finals are on different days! Last year I had three finals on the same day! But McDaniel is understanding and they let you move your finals around because they do not want us overly stressing.

I have my Marketing final today at 1:30. So I have all morning to study! Thankfully! Then I have my East Asia final on Tuesday morning at 8:30 followed by my Psychology final on Thursday at 8:30. See, not too bad!

I’ve decided I am going to get up and get breakfast ever morning too! I love my egg sandwiches at Glar! They are on point. Plus I love studying at Glar because I can refill my water or get more food as a little study break!

Mother’s Day at Home

I was fortunate enough to be home for Mother’s Day to celebrate with my wonderful mom! The distance was one of the reasons why I choose McDaniel. McDaniel is the perfect distance away because I can come home for a weekend and it is not stressful or anything like that.

My mom loves waffles, so I cooked her that with fruit on top and she loved it! A popular thing my family does is watch old home movies. So we got a chance to watch me being a bratty five year old! Which I never like but my mom loves. Home video’s are so fun to watch and I hope our generation will make them too! They’re great memories!

Then I hung out with my mom and I gave my card and gift for her! I got a spa day! Since I was unable to do it on mothers day I asked if we could hold off and do it when I come back from school. She didn’t object. Anyway, mothers day was a success and I was so happy I could be there for the woman who gives me the world.

Jersey Bound!

This past weekend I was Jersey Bound! I left after my last undergraduate class ever on Friday!!!! But it’s ok…the class was Archery! But I packed up lot in my room. All my winter stuff and the little stuff that never use or need at school. So hopefully when I officially move out, I’ll only need the one car. And I have a very small car so that’s why I need to at least two trips.

But the weekend was great! I went into Philly on Saturday. Got Geno’s cheesesteaks, which are my favorite! Then I walked down South Street in search of a graduation dress, but was unsuccessful–though South Street has some great stores! We also walked around Old City, which was gorgeous! I love that section of Philadelphia.

Then we had a nice family dinner on Saturday and Sunday I packed up the car and headed back to McDaniel so I could begin my studying for my finals! Finals week is officially starting!



Philly Experience


So this weekend, I went home with fellow McBlogger, Maria Brew, and Steph Glassick (also a McBlogger) went with us! We were able to go into Philly with Maria’s family and we had a wonderful day! The weather was beautiful and we had a great time walking around the city. I also had my first Philly Cheesesteak experience which was amazing! There are two competing cheesesteak restaurants across the street from each other, named Pat’s and Geno’s. Steph and I got one from each place and split them so we could try both. We both felt that Geno’s had the better cheesesteak, but it was fun to test both! We went back to her house and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing. It was so nice :)

McDaniel really is in a prime location to visit major cities like Philly. Being from Colorado, I remember being amazed at how easy it was to travel through multiple states. In the time it takes to get through three states, I can only get to Denver from my house! It made traveling for soccer games a lot easier and it gave me the chance to visit a lot more places. I am glad I have been able to take advantage of it and I am lucky to have friends that can show me around.

It was great to have a relaxing weekend, but now it is time for finals week! Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else!