April 2014
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An Evening of Culture

Friday was such a busy day because so many awesome cultural things were going on! I went to United, which was a show put on by all of the cultural groups on campus. There were performances, food, games, etc. It was such a blast to see all of my friends on stage. McDaniel has so many talented people!

Afterwards, I also had a wonderful time at the belly dance club’s show. My friend is in it, so I went to support her. It was so fun! They were amazing. Belly dancing is so sensual and fun. It takes a lot of energy and artistry to do it well.

My friend, Natalie

My friend, Natalie

Natalie dancing

Natalie dancing

It’s really cool how they have the audience participate in a dance. I went up, and it was so fun that I am probably going to join the club next year. Watch out world!


Last night, McDaniel College hosted its first ever multicultural show ‘United’ where all our cultural clubs and organizations got together and presented various performances showcasing different cultures and promoting diversity and unity at the same time. It was the perfect day for the event to be hosted on, cozy weather, hash-tag Friday. Our Ensor lounge was full of colors and the place smelled delicious of all the scrumptious food served- meat pie, chicken wings, pasta, puff puffs, banana float, three-layered chocolate cake, pop corns and candy-floss. Snazzy music at the background made the ambiance even more festive and kept my toes tapping to the beats throughout the entire time. The show started with a fun coordinated dance performed by all the members of the clubs/organizations.Then there were dance performances by African Legacy and McDaniel College Dance Team. Asian Coalition Community presented a Vietnamese song and Black Student Union presented Spoken Words by which they conveyed important messages regarding racial discrimination. Then there was a short martial arts demonstration. The fashion show in the end, which presented various traditional dresses from different cultures was wonderful. There were cultural games and face painting too. The whole event went spectacular. It was vibrant and refreshing. It was announced in the end that this event would be organized every year from now on and would be bigger. So looks like we received a new tradition! I am looking forward to the next cultural show and I hope I get to experience more different cultures and traditions in future. I will be doing my bit of share as well and will be bringing in some Bengali food, music and dance on campus.


New Class of Global Fellows

On Thursday, we had the Global Fellows reception for the Class of 2017. It was such an exciting event! There are quite a few more Global Fellows in the next class than there are in mine, and I am happy to see that the program is growing.

It was fun to get to meet the new Global Fellows officially although I already knew most of them. Three of the new Global Fellows are my mentees! It makes me happy to know that there are people in the McDaniel Community who are interested in global issues and want to make a difference globally.

My mentee

My mentee

My mentee

My mentee

My mentee

My mentee

I cannot wait to see how this new class adds to the awesomeness of the program. I foresee many great conversations and solutions ahead. Welcome Class of 2017!

All the new Global Fellows

All the new Global Fellows


Getting Ready to Study Abroad

For the last few months, I have been working on paperwork (and more paperwork) in order to study abroad this summer.

At least now I know it paid off! They received my payment and I am good to go to The University of Stirling for two months, June 14-Aug 9. I don’t know what classes I’m going to take, although I hope to get the media ethics course revolving around how the media portrays the British Royal Family (called Royals and Rascals) as one of them. There isn’t much I can do at the moment besides think about it, wait, and plan my flights, so I decided to let you in on some of the thoughts going through my head.

  1. I can’t believe this is actually going to happen. I have been wanting to study in Ireland or Scotland for a while now, and it’s a bit surreal to think that in a little over two months I will be getting on a plane to do just that.
  2. What if something goes wrong? I keep imagining that something will happen to keep me in the states all summer, but I’m trying not to think about it too much.
  3. So many new people. I like meeting new people, but it’s a little weird to go somewhere and not be known by everyone after growing up in a place where everyone knows everyone else. I went through that coming here, but we were placed in our First Year Seminars and I joined the track team, so I had friends that I met before classes started. There, I’ll be arriving, getting shown the college, and then taking classes with people that grew up in entirely different places than I did. It will be a bit daunting, but I’m mostly excited about all the stories I can hear while I’m there.
  4. Are there races? I haven’t been running for distance much since I’m trying (and somewhat failing) to recuperate from a minor hamstring injury in order to compete in track, and since I’m not a distance runner, that isn’t a priority. Still, I want to get back to running distance and trying to improve times as soon as this track season is over, and it would be a great way to meet people by competing in 5ks near the university.
  5. What are the professors like? No matter what classes I’m taking or where they are, I always want to know what the professors are like. Here, I can ask people. There, I’ll be going in blind–but that is a bit exciting.
  6. Will I get an accent? I’d like to think that enough time around Scottish people will give me at least a bit of an accent, but I guess I’ll have to wait and find out.
  7. Is the castle as impressive as I hope it is? Because yes, there is a castle on the University of Stirling campus.
Airthrey Castle.

Airthrey Castle. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.



Hi all,

It’s finally warm enough in the evenings to go stargazing. Most buildings have lights on through the night on campus, but if you go out past the football field, you’ll be surrounded by our golf course and various athletic fields, making it a perfect place to stare up at the sky.

Last night, some friends and I took blankets out to the fields and lay under the stars. It was a perfect night, not because it was clear but because it was cloudy and windy with a bright, almost-full moon. The wind was blowing the clouds around in all directions. The moon lit up the clouds enough that we could spot shapes and objects in them, just as one would do on a warm day.

The moon was especially pretty to watch as the clouds danced around it. I can’t wait to go out on another beautiful night, though tonight will sadly be too cloudy.