April 2014
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When I get stressed out…..

Well if you can’t tell by the title of this blog I am a little stressed out. I have briefly talked about my senior capstone project before and I will talk about it once its all finished. But the project is what is stressing me out! This is because I am having trouble writing my discussion portion.

The first thing I do: Schedule a meeting. Since I need some help I have made a meeting, or two, with my advisor. He is one of my favorite professors on campus and is always willing to help me. Thankfully he is also the one overseeing my capstone project.

The second thing I do: This weekend I successfully rearranged my room. When I couldn’t figure out what to write I needed to take a break and do something, but I knew if I went outside I would get distracted and never return to my paper. Therefore I rearranged my whole room and inspired my roommate to do the same.

The last thing I do: I do not freak out. I have found that freaking out does help a little but for the most part just stresses me out even more. Instead I go to the gym or ask for help.

Hope these three simple things that I do can help you all when you become stressed out.


Birthday’s on the Hill

Celebrating birthday’s at McDaniel are always some of the most memorable nights on campus! For example, last night was my boyfriend’s birthday and I decided to decorate his room! I bought a big poster and hung it outside his door and had all his friends write a little message to him! It’s nice because he lives on his fraternity floor, so they were all able to sign and wish him happy birthday!

Not only is it fun decorating the room, but I usually go out to a nice restaurant. Maybe Olive Garden or Maggie’s, or Raf’s. Or if you want, Towson is about 30 minutes away and so is Owing’s Mills. And both have a wide range of restaurants that are extremely delicious!

We are headed toward Owing’s Mills tonight to Outback steakhouse! I am so excited!:) As much as I love this school, it is nice to get all dressed up and go to a fancier dinner. But only every once and a while! Anyway, I’ve never been to this restaurant so I’ll keep you posted!


Admitted Students Day: Plugging the English major

This is what our English department looked like last year. Some of the people in this group have made very rich contributions to my life, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them!

Did you take a look at these wonderful people? They are some of my favorite people in the world: the McDaniel English department. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join a few of them in talking during this year’s second and final Admitted Students Day about what makes our department so great.

I really love getting to talk to prospective students when I get the chance, so when my boss at the writing center sent out an email asking if any of the writing center’s English majors would be able to come to the English department open house, I immediately said yes, and would have done so even if my boss hadn’t offered to pay me for the hour (and more) that I spent with three English professors and another peer writing tutor talking about the English department.

Our presentation touched on a lot of things. We talked about how the English major is structured–how it’s been designed for students to have a variety of options in not just literature but also rhetoric, composition, and digital media–all things that were an important selling point to me when I was in the process of choosing a college. We also talked about the various minors offered by the English department (writing, journalism/new media, literature, and popular literature) and talked specifically about certain classes that we offer here–classes like Multimedia Authoring and Writing for Nonprofits.

I got to spend some time talking about working at the writing center and the publications I’m involved in, the McDaniel Free Press (our student newspaper) and Contrast (our annual literary magazine). I also talked about my research interests and how I’m planning on writing my senior seminar this fall writing about representations of self and depression in autobiographical web comics written by 20-something women who struggle with depression and mental illness, a project that I conceived last semester and began when I wrote a paper about Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half.

It’s wonderful to be so involved in the English department that I have a wealth of English major-related experiences that I could draw from to give my spiel yesterday. And was an honor to be able to give people the information they need to help them decide whether or not McDaniel College is the place for them.

Three years ago, I was a prospective student watching the English department panel. Yesterday, I got to be on the other side of that panel, and it was completely meant to be.

Ocean City!

This weekend I went to Ocean City, Maryland for a fraternities formal and had a great time! The party was held at a very nice venue called Embers, and the seafood was amazing! A lot of Greek organizations have formals, where everybody gets all dressed up and dances the night away! Which we did!:)

Formal was fantastic  but so was visiting Ocean City! It was my first time so I got to explore a lot. We ended up having pretty nice weather so we walked on the boardwalk, beach, and even went in the water! Yes, it was freezing! But totally worth it! Ocean City is a nice beach town and when we went it was not too crowed, it was perfect. We stayed at the Seabany Motel which was on the water so we had an oceanside view! I must say, I love the beach!:)

Luckily the drive was not too bad….it was about 3 hours both ways. But I must say, the drive is very pretty too. Overall, I had a great weekend in Ocean City and I love how we have a beach so close by!




Registering for Classes

Hey all,

My favourite time of the semester has come around–the time for picking and registering for classes.

Since I’m attempting a double major and triple minor and planning to spend my entire junior year abroad, I have to be pretty careful in picking my classes from here on out to make sure I can fit everything in. I have a draft of my classes through senior year. (Don’t worry–this is not normal. Most people barely have next semester planned!)

My class registers this Friday. Juniors register tomorrow and sophomores on Wednesday, so I’m going to be watching our online list of courses in case some of the classes I want to take fill. Thankfully, the English department lets students pre-register for certain classes. Creative Writing Fiction is a really popular class, and if I were not an English major, it would definitely fill before my time to register came. Thankfully, I’ve already registered and I can barely wait to take it!

My main issue is that I want to take ALL of the classes; however, unlike Hermione Granger, I do not have a time turner. And students are limited to taking 22 credits without paying an overcharge fee. Most students take four 4-credit classes and sometimes, smaller classes, like half credit physical education classes, or Choir, which is one credit.

You can look through the classes for Fall and Spring semesters next year online on Archway.