October 2014
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Admissions Ambassador

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am an ambassador for McDaniel College Admissions. Working as an Ambassador has been of my highlights from my overall college experience. I have learned so much and met so many new people. As an Ambassador, I meet with prospecting students and chat about McDaniel. I give tours weekly and absolutely [...]

Navigating McDaniel’s website: The Undergraduate Tab

If you’ve been busily researching colleges online, you’ve probably visited a lot of college websites. And quite frankly, some of those websites can be absolutely confusing. In the hopes of reducing any confusion you might encounter while exploring McDaniel’s website,, here’s a breakdown of some of the sections you’ll find on the website and [...]

Incoming first years can still take tours!

When you think of college tours, you probably think of something for students who are trying to choose a college, not students who have already enrolled in one.

However, if you’re a student who will be attending McDaniel in the fall, you may find that you want to come see McDaniel again over the summer [...]

Sharing the Honors Program

Today was a busy day for me! Immediately after my first class of the day, Logic, I headed to the Forum to eat at a luncheon hosted by Admissions for prospective McDaniel students eligible to apply to our Honors Program.

I sat at a table full of high school seniors who were clearly bright, talented, [...]

I Am Thankful: McDaniel Edition

Over the past few years, I’ve come to realize that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love the combination of lots of great food and lots of great family, and it’s a really warm, cozy, and fun holiday. I’ve also taken time over the last few years to reflect in writing about [...]