September 2014
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Handling Suburbia

Hey there,

I’m from San Francisco. I don’t even need to specify which state—everyone knows where my beautiful city is. Often, I get asked how I ended up in Westminster, Maryland in the middle of suburbia. Often I ask myself such. I absolutely adore big cities, and I absolutely adore the middle of nowhere, having [...]

Spring is coming!

Spring break is close, but spring seems even closer! The weather on campus was beautiful this weekend. A small number of students made their way to the quad on both days for some sunbathing and studying and playing catch, and as the weather gets warmer, more students (including me) will join them.

Because the weather [...]

A little networking

I’ve found that it’s possible meet some pretty interesting people with just a little talking. While your parents might have told you not to talk to strangers when you were a kid, it actually doesn’t hurt to talk to some of the people you encounter once you’re in college. You’ll never know when you’ll meet [...]

Baugher’s Farm

Part of the fun of a new season is enjoying all the sights and sounds of it. One way that students can participate in fall festivities is by checking out Baugher’s Orchards and Farm Museum. Just ten minutes up the road, this farm is very accessible to students, especially if they utilize the shuttle service [...]

Apples, Pumpkins and Ice Cream (Oh My!)

One of my absolute favorite parts about fall are the apples. Take the Honeycrisp apple. My friends who work at a farmers market introduced me to Honeycrisps freshman year…and I have never looked back. It’s like autumn incarnate- in an apple. Picture, if you will, walking across campus on a crisp fall day, bright blue [...]