October 2014
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Some awesome off campus spots!

McDaniel has so many great things about it. I could sit here and make a long list as to why I came to McDaniel and everything I love about it. Instead I’m going to talk briefly about a few off campus places that I love.

First, I have already briefly mentioned  Birdie’s cafe on main [...]

Rain rain go away

As many of you have either seen or heard, McDaniel is a beautiful campus during all four seasons. I don’t think I could pick my favorite season but during the fall I love seeing all the colors changing and during the spring I love to see all the flowers and colors resurfacing. That’s not to [...]

When friends come to visit

I wanted to briefly talk about friends coming to visit and how much fun it can be to show them around McDaniel and Westminster.

This past weekend one of my friends from California, who goes to GW in D.C., came up to visit me and met my friends from school. Unfortunately she was only here [...]

My week: a combination of Jazz and Violins

What possible connection can a dance class, Paris between 1890 and 1920, Harlem, and my violin recital last night have? You’d be surprised.

This was a crazy week for me (resulting in far less sleep than anyone should ever have), but it was saved through a series of bizarrely connected events and discussions. First of [...]

Last Friday Night…

…was nothing like the Katy Perry song of that name, but I truly had a blast!

Westminster’s annual Fall Fest took place last weekend and though it started last Thursday evening, things really kicked off last Friday night with Westminster’s annual Midnight Madness. As a freshman last year, I managed to miss hearing about Midnight [...]