November 2014
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Novel Moments

When I was a freshman, I was under the impression that when I got to college, I would have large amounts of free time. I quickly realized that college still involved work. Hence, as my amount of free time began to dwindle so did the number of books I have read.

However, I had a […]

The Signs of Love

I am not sure if I really believe in signs or not, but if I did, I would say that I had two really big ones this past week. For a couple of weeks, there was this guy I was interested in, but it did not work out. Being my naturally overdramatic self, I vowed […]

Your guide to buying novels for your lit class

Though McDaniel is a liberal arts college, most students aren’t required to take a literature class during their time on the Hill (though there is a component of the McDaniel Plan called “textual analysis,” which can be fulfilled by taking a course in literature, philosophy, foreign language, history, or a bunch of other things). However, […]

Library Renovation

Although I am a little upset that this project is taking place during my senior year and will not be finished until after I leave, I am extremely excited for the current renovations being completed in McDaniel’s Hoover Library.

I never imagined how our library could get any better during my four years that I […]

The Puzzle that is Book Buying

College kids always look for the cheapest price. Especially when it comes to buying books each semester. I currently have about 6 tabs open on my Google Chrome. The school bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, CollegeBookRenter,, and Facebook. I always each each site and go with whichever has the book for the lowest price. […]