August 2014
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Budapest and the Snow

As many of you know McDaniel is having its second snow day this week! There are several things to do on a snow day such as having a snow ball fight, making a snow man, go sledding, or staying in and watching movies. All of these are enjoyable but they make me miss the city [...]

A blog about my blog in Budapest !

Hi everyone!

I was thinking of sharing a couple study abroad stories with you, but then I had a better idea: why don’t I just post the blog I kept that semester on here for you all to read?! So here it is. It is quite lengthy, I must warn you, but it is a [...]

Europe bound!

If you had told me when I was in high school that I would take a ten-day trip to Europe in the middle of winter, I might not have been too surprised. I was busy looking at colleges with strong study abroad programs, since I knew that traveling was something I really wanted to do [...]

About me! : Sam Wilson


My name is Sam Wilson and I am a new McBlogger. I wanted to tell you all a little about myself for my first blog! I am a senior from New Castle, Colorado. I do miss my family and the mountains while I am at McDaniel, but I love it here on the Hill! [...]

Honors around the World

Yesterday we had a really fun little Honors event called “Honors around the World!” I’ve been part of the Honors Program here at McDaniel since I was a freshman and really love the friends and opportunities that have come along with it. At this particular event, I was asked to present on my two study-abroad [...]