November 2014
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Ode to Snow

This past week has been crazy. We have had class cancelled due to snow and ice which although it could be seen as an unexpected break, it really just means more work for the students and professors. However, campus looks beautiful right now. Thus, I thought I would entertain you with some wintertime poetry.


Spring Fling

I just celebrated my last spring fling on campus, one of my favorite campus traditions.

Students generally go to bed early the night before to prepare themselves for the long day ahead. And end up passing out early after the exciting events.

Not only is the student body celebrating surviving another year, but we are […]

The Plague

You probably read enough about it on everyone else’s blogs… but it was a pretty important happening on campus last week so here we go – THE MCVIRUS 2013.

A term that was coined by students and the McDaniel Free Press, it is actually a slight misnomer because we are not the only people to […]

Fitness on Campus

While the Freshman 15 can be a reality for many incoming freshmen (and continues to be a struggle for many upperclassmen) it is easy to stay fit at McDaniel.

One of the perks of being a student is a free gym membership. The fitness center is state of the art and was built to accommodate the Baltimore […]

Shhh…This Is a Library

My favorite place to go to study is Hoover Library. Not extremely surprising, nor am I the only one. On any given day, the library is usually packed with students trying to get their work done, printing out a paper on their way to class, or just trying to get a coffee from Casey’s Corner […]