November 2014
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Latin America Dinner

Last Thursday, I had the honor of attending the Latin America Dinner, hosted by the Hispano-Latino Alliance (HLA). It is one of a few culture themed dinners hosted by clubs on campus every year, but it is the first one I have been able to attend.

I am so glad I went and will […]

Family Weekend Fun

Such great weather on the Hill!

This weekend was Family Weekend, and even though my family did not come visit me from California, I had the best time ever! It was nice to meet some of my residents’ family members. They were all so nice! Now I can put faces to the stories they […]

Marshmallow Madness

A couple weeks ago, McDaniel College hosted the annual Maryland Collegiate Honors Council Conference. I volunteered to help out, so I got to meet tons of cool people and learn about all types of different subject areas. There are so many cool new developments I would have never heard about without the conference like how […]

Helping out at Special Olympics

One of the many reasons I love McDaniel is because of all the events they put on. These events range from movies to volunteer work you can help at. This past weekend I got the pleasure of helping out at the Special Olympics.

McDaniel hosted the a basketball tournament, which were the qualification matches, for […]

How to Party Right

First thing that is most important to this blog is that I do not drink. I do not drink because a) I am underage and b) I like being in complete control of my actions and body. Anyway, when you don’t drink at college, it can be difficult to go to parties because you become […]