April 2014
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When I get stressed out…..

Well if you can’t tell by the title of this blog I am a little stressed out. I have briefly talked about my senior capstone project before and I will talk about it once its all finished. But the project is what is stressing me out! This is because I am having trouble writing my [...]

Participating in Senior Capstones

With graduation only a little over two months away, the majority of the senior class is busy at work on their capstones. What is cool about this time is to see how the students of McDaniel support each other. The seniors usually need several participants for their studies, and they generally rely only on other [...]

My last first days of school and some basketball games.

So I had my last first days of school Monday and Tuesday! It is crazy that this is my last semester! Anyways, my first days of school were great and I am pretty excited about my classes. Everyone has to take a Capstone class in their major, and most students take it their senior year. [...]

Senior sems are upon us

It’s that time of the semester: while all of us are frantically trying to get work done for this week and next week, which is finals week, many of our seniors on campus are finishing up and presenting their senior seminars and capstones.

All McDaniel seniors are required to do a culminating project in their [...]

Sociology Posters

This week we are presenting our Sociology final presentations for our capstone class. I am incredibly nervous, but also excited. The Sociology department works very hard to produce good research. In fact, last semester, we had to walk around randomly surveying the entire school. The process took several weeks, but it was worthwhile because Sociology [...]