November 2014
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Oktoberfest Volunteering

Today, I went to the Westminster Oktoberfest to volunteer with the Roteract Club. I volunteered last year as well, so I already knew I was going to have tons of fun. Oktoberfest is a German celebratory festival. The one we have here involves vendors, food, and live music.

Live music!

As a volunteer, I […]

Birthdays on the Hill

Everyone celebrates their birthday in a different way. After all, if all birthdays were celebrated the same, it would ruin the fun. I had the privilege of having two friends with birthdays in the last few weeks. One was a little over a week ago, and some girls on the track team made a cake […]

Spring Fling

I just celebrated my last spring fling on campus, one of my favorite campus traditions.

Students generally go to bed early the night before to prepare themselves for the long day ahead. And end up passing out early after the exciting events.

Not only is the student body celebrating surviving another year, but we are […]

Snow Day

I thought I was ready for spring. With Daylight Savings Time over on Sunday and the air slowly getting warmer, March seemed to be off to a great start. Mother Nature obviously thought differently.

Tomorrow McDaniel students have a snow day! And while I definitely don’t need anymore snow this winter, I’m always a fan […]

Turning 21

Birthdays are always worth mentioning. My birthday was this past Monday, the 11th, but as any child will tell you, it lasts the whole week. Especially in college, when packages and cards arrive sporadically. But this time, it was extended for a different reason: Westminster’s night life. As my actual birthday was on a Monday, […]