April 2014
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My Internship

As I have mentioned, I am a senior and plan to graduate this coming May. My major is Exercise Science and I am minoring in psychology. I plan to take a year off from school and then go back to grad school in search of my Ph.D in Physical Therapy.

I have always had an [...]

Navigating McDaniel’s website: The Undergraduate Tab

If you’ve been busily researching colleges online, you’ve probably visited a lot of college websites. And quite frankly, some of those websites can be absolutely confusing. In the hopes of reducing any confusion you might encounter while exploring McDaniel’s website,, here’s a breakdown of some of the sections you’ll find on the website and [...]

Happy high school graduation! Time to build some bridges!

A lot of you incoming first year students have graduated in the last couple of weeks, and more of you will graduate in the next few weeks. Some of you even had your high school graduation ceremonies at McDaniel if you live nearby.

I want to extend the utmost congratulations to all of you high [...]

Spring Evenings and Interviews

This is shaping up to be a very interesting, albeit hectic, week! Spring is most definitely in the air- and yet Sunday and Monday were chilly once more… The most sure sign of it actually being spring, despite the fluctuating temperatures however, are the flowers! Everywhere on campus the flowers have sprung up, on the [...]

The Wonderful CEO Office

If there’s one office you want to make sure you get to know early on in your McDaniel career, it’s the Center for Experience and Opportunity, otherwise known as the CEO.  The wonderful people in this office can help you with internship opportunities  part-time jobs, community service opportunities, resume building, mock interviews, and the ever-stressful job [...]