November 2014
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Having Actual Time Off

Hi guys,

Hopefully you’re having an amazing winter break. Hopefully it’s not filled with work or study. I’m doing a JanTerm class this year, so I’ve been back on campus for almost two weeks now, but for my three weeks off, I had ltierally no obligations.

It was kind of weird, to be honest. After […]

Neighbors in Need

Although playing in the snow is always a winter favorite, one of the best activities I did during the winter at McDaniel was volunteer at a program called Neighbors in Need. I was interning at the Human Services Program in Westminster at the time and I heard of this opportunity through them. They had set […]

That Tingly Giving Feeling


Although sledding down the golf course is a huge thrill, and sipping soup in the dorms with friends is a blast, my favorite part of Christmas time on the Hill is giving presents. It is perfect because when you are getting a bit stressed from studying for finals, you just take a break […]

Gift Giving for (Poor) College Students

While giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do on Christmas, it is a little tough to do when you are a college student with little money. Luckily for me, this Christmas both my friends and family were on board with spending less money. My roommates and I decided to do a Secret […]

A holiday guide to getting the McDaniel gear you want

Christmas has come and gone! I had a peaceful day spent at home with my family and I opened several very nice gifts, all while wearing my cozy purple flannel McDaniel pajama pants, a surprise Christmas gift from my mother two years ago.

By the time you get to McDaniel, you’ll probably want some McDaniel […]