April 2014
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When You Get Along With Your Roommate

There are some roommate horror stories out there. I’m sure everyone has heard a few, or a dozen. Luckily, there are roommate pairings on the other side of the compatibility spectrum, and I’ve had the good fortune to be able to say that my roommate and I are really good friends.

Our sleeping habits are [...]

Missing Family and Friends at College

For many people, being at school doesn’t necessarily mean being away from family. They commute, or their school is close to home. However, there are people like me too far from home to see family or hometown friends every weekend. I grew up three hours away, which is much different than across the country, but [...]

Halfway done!

On Wednesday, my second year of college was officially over! (Almost–I still had to turn in a paper for my Peer Tutoring course, but I did that on Friday.) This semester was intense; I took five classes and an independent study for a total of 20 credits, which made for a busy finals week–I had [...]

Spring Break

Spring Break is HERE!

Officially it started for me yesterday, since I have no classes on Fridays. But that’s a minor detail…

This first weekend is for getting some work done and getting organized for the trip. Monday my roommate Shannon and I leave for Florida! We will be in Daytona Monday through Friday [...]

Campus Employment

Whether work study becomes a part of your financial aid at McDaniel or if you just need a job to support that college lifestyle, there are many jobs to be found on campus.

Some jobs are reserved for students with work study. A list is published online, with information on how to apply, and it [...]