November 2014
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Preparing to Present at a Conference

My essentials for writing a paper: computer, notes, and tea (in my Edinburgh Dungeon mug).

One of the wonderful things about sending your ideas to conferences to see if you get to present them is that they usually want an abstract or a proposal and not the entire paper. This, of course, means that […]

Maryland Student Legislature Fall Leadership Training Institute

MSL delegates around lunch tables.

Hi guys!

Last Saturday was Maryland Student Legislature’s first conference of the year: the Fall Leadership Training Institute. McDaniel didn’t send a delegation to this event since it was over Fall Break and since LTI tends to be the less exciting event of the year, but my friend, who […]

Annual Session–Maryland Student Legislature

McDaniel’s MSL delegation, which won the 2013-2014 award for Best Delegation.

Hey guys, This weekend, I’ve been in Annapolis, MD for Maryland Student Legislature’s Annual Session of simulation the MD legislature. It’s been a whirlwind of events, and it barely feels like an hour ago that I left McDaniel, while that was […]

Service Learning Conference

One fantastic thing about being a college student are the conferences. There are always opportunities to connect with other schools and bring together ideas about college student life and anything else under the sun. This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a service learning conference, hoping to promote more service learning in college […]

Poster Presentation

Saturday morning I was up at 7:30 a.m. in a school van. Why? I had a conference. McDaniel teachers often encourage students to apply to local conferences. A few friends and I were accepted as presenters at a nearby conference in Baltimore. It was a conference about Intersectionalities and several McDaniel students were asked to […]