April 2014
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Spring Time on the Hill

Because I was on campus during break, I got to experience the first day of spring right here at McDaniel. I must say it was amazingly gorgeous. The birds were singing on my way to work. I was so happy that I even sang along. It was like a scene out of a Disney princess [...]

The Big One

Since I am an English major, my capstone is approximately a thirty page paper about some theoretical part of language or literature that I find interesting to study and write a large paper on.

I started researching my topic during the fall semester while working at Walt Disney World. Yes, surprise [...]

They Say It All Started With A Mouse

In August I started the most amazing internship in the world. I became a cast member of the largest show in the world. Walt Disney World. Yes it’s a show all to itself. This semester I have been working in Orlando, FL at Walt Disney World in entertainment. Every day I get to work with [...]

A Professional Student

Anyone will tell you not to wear jeans to a job interview. Anyone will give you tips on how to write the best resume. But what most people differ on is the personality and attitude to enter an interview with. I always try to stay as positive as possible. I greet my interviewer as if [...]

Spending New Year’s in the Happiest Place on Earth

After a crazy two weeks of working in retail, I had the perfect way to de-stress before starting the new semester, and more importantly, Student Teaching!  My best friend and I had decided that spending the beginning of January in Disney World would be a fantastic idea.  It was the first vacation that either one [...]