November 2014
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What to bring: school supplies

From bedding to bathroom supplies, you’ll find yourself bringing a lot of stuff with you to college. It’s important too to bring the tools you need to have success in the classroom. You have the freedom to choose what items best meet your needs, but here are some things to consider:

Things for taking notes


A spring cleaning long in the making

I have never necessarily been inclined toward neatness. In high school, my friends joked that I lived like a nomad, with enough stuff to live on for at least a week strewn haphazardly in the back of my car. My room wasn’t any better; a path leading to the bed was sometimes the only section of carpet […]

First Year Dorm-ing

Being Editor in Chief of the Free Press has some perks. One of those is finding out information before most other students on campus. This week I had the chance to break the news about a change in freshman housing on campus.

For years and years, it was traditional for students to be separated by […]

10 Fun ways to Decorate Your Dorm

I have a decorating problem.  I simply can’t live in a space with barren white walls, no color and just…emptiness. There’s just something cozy, fun, unique about walking into a space that you put your personal touch on. And, quite frankly, a whole lot less boring. So! Being a senior this year and having studied […]

Apartment Life

One of the perks of reaching seniority on campus is the housing options. While students are only required to live on campus for their first three years (unless commuting), they are guaranteed housing for all four years. Since the housing options get nicer each year, many students will chose to live on campus for their […]