November 2014
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Coloring: A Great Stress Reliever

With all of the stress of studying for tests and finishing up papers and projects, my apartment has discovered a great stress reliever: COLORING! We keep a couple of coloring books in our common room and we have a box of crayons and markers. Whenever we need to take a break and relax, we pull […]

Crunch time

It’s that time of the semester–the time when students seem a little drowsier and a lot busier than normal. With only two weeks of class before finals week, this is completely to be expected. I’ve noticed that the library is starting to get fuller and more people are scheduling appointments at the writing center than […]

Life After Finals

The last few weeks of the semester are brutal.  College students—with an already busy schedule—all of the sudden get final projects, papers, and exams crammed onto their list of things to worry about.  If you’re as good with time management as me (very bad), then this time period will undoubtedly take a hefty toll on […]

Three Ways to Do a Final Exam

Having been through four years of finals (eight if you count high school) there are three main ways I have noticed that someone can take a final. Here are the three that I see on campus.

1) The procrastinator: This student does everything at absolutely the last minute. You see them in the library one hour before […]

Finals Prep Time

So, this weekend I went to Phil’s house with Alyssa, Mehar, and Phil to have a quiet study location before finals, and also some home cooked food. Yesterday, Friday night, we mostly relaxed. We went swimming and tried to unwind for final paper’s week and all of the recent work in our classes. After swimming, […]