April 2014
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What’s an FYS and an SIS?

FYS and SIS are two of the most common acronyms you can expect to encounter on the Hill. For McDaniel students, these three-letter terms roll right off the tongue, but for people who aren’t yet a part of the McDaniel community, these terms are probably unfamiliar, at least in the contexts in which McDaniel students [...]

FYS: Freshmen Year Seminar

I saw one of my fellow McBloggers talk about their FYS, so I thought I would share my experience. My FYS was called Rites of Passages. We learned all about the different rites of passages in various cultures. For example, we studied quinceaneras and some African tribes who use tattooing. I really enjoyed the class [...]

Transitioning into College Life

College can be a big transition from high school. The workload changes for many students. It is some people’s first taste of freedom from their parent’s supervision. Your peers constantly surround you now; school life and home life have blended together into college life. Some people deal really well with change, and they transition into [...]

Choosing an FYS

By now, if you’re a high school senior who has committed to attending McDaniel this fall, you’re in the middle of taking a number of steps to ready you for coming to McDaniel in August. One the most important of those steps is choosing your First Year Seminar class, more commonly known as an FYS.


My Name is Whitney and I Will be Your Guide This Year

Believe it or not, upperclassmen are a big part of the First Year Program. Once you begin filling everything out to start your Freshman year you fill out a questionnaire picking your top three FYS choices. Your First Year Seminar (FYS) is designed to be a class that will prepare you for all other college [...]