November 2014
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Only at McDaniel

Do you ever have one of those moments where you realize that you are exactly where you are supposed to be? That moment came to me at the beginning of my sophomore year. Because I am a part of the Peer Mentor program, we came to school a week earlier than all of the freshman […]

Transitioning into College Life

College can be a big transition from high school. The workload changes for many students. It is some people’s first taste of freedom from their parent’s supervision. Your peers constantly surround you now; school life and home life have blended together into college life. Some people deal really well with change, and they transition into […]

Incoming first years can still take tours!

When you think of college tours, you probably think of something for students who are trying to choose a college, not students who have already enrolled in one.

However, if you’re a student who will be attending McDaniel in the fall, you may find that you want to come see McDaniel again over the summer […]

First Year Appreciation Week and Allies Week

So, this week is both first year appreciation week and allies week this week. For first year appreciation, they are doing a bunch of different events and also posted a bunch of different signs around campus. Today’s event was the Amazing Race. They had the option to win a bunch of prizes and just had […]

Admitted Students Day

Today was the first of two days for admitted students on campus, and I spent some time talking to prospective students about both our study abroad programs and the English department. After talking to so many people, I found myself repeating a few nuggets of knowledge to pretty much everyone, which I would like to […]