April 2014
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“Because I’m Happy” Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014 was a success! My friends and I survived the drive to and from Jacksonville, Florida! We went to the beach, toured around Florida, and enjoyed the warm weather! Sadly, we did not have all sunny days, but we did get to venture around St. Augustine, which is an awesome town filled with [...]

12 hours later…we’re back on the Hill!

The end of our trip was great, but now we are back on campus. Today is a busy day, full of catching up on homework, laundry, and life, so I will tell a more in depth spring break story later next week! If you remember last blog, I was kind of complaining about the Florida [...]

Spring Break Update!

Hello from (not so sunny) Florida! As you might be able to guess, I have not been overly happy with the weather we are having, but my friends and I are still having a blast! We have been able to make the best of our trip. The first day we got to Florida, we [...]

Past Spring Breaks

With spring break just a week away, I thought I would talk about my past spring breaks! I have had some pretty great adventures the last three years. For my freshmen year, I ended up just going home, but it was exactly what I needed. I was able to spend some quality time in the [...]

Spring Break

Spring Break is HERE!

Officially it started for me yesterday, since I have no classes on Fridays. But that’s a minor detail…

This first weekend is for getting some work done and getting organized for the trip. Monday my roommate Shannon and I leave for Florida! We will be in Daytona Monday through Friday [...]