October 2014
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Creations in the Dining Hall

Glar has a lot of options for meals, but some days we McDaniel students like to spice it up and make our own creation.

For example, one of my favorite creations is combing granola, peanut butter, and apple butter! I call it Mush. There’s probably a real name for it…but I like Mush and it’s [...]

Glar adventures

Hi guys!

One thing that every college student worries about is food. There’s simply no way that the food at a college is going to be the same as home cooked meals—you try cooking for 1600 students! Though, coming from a summer with Employee Dining Room meals in Yellowstone, Glar is practically gourmet to me, [...]


Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having a great week! I want to fill you in in our main dinning hall, Englar. Otherwise known as glar. Students have several nicknames for glar…my favorite is glarski! I have been eating at glar every since my freshmen year. I have been through the transformation from the old [...]

Vegetarianism/Veganism in Westminster

If you’re on a restricted diet, dining options in your college town can play a pretty big role in where you choose to go. For all of my veggie friends out there who are interested in McDaniel, I’d like to give a rundown of good local restaurants. (I’ve also written about vegetarianism on campus: check [...]

Mac and Cheese: Homemade Style

Hey all,

Back in high school, I used to make myself a big bowl of macaroni and cheese to eat for breakfast for a week. I don’t like typical breakfast foods (I swear, I’m still human!) like pancakes, waffles, or cereal, so I’ve always struggled to actually force myself to eat in the mornings. Lately, [...]