April 2014
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Your guide to Asian food in Westminster

I found that living in a suite this past year made life seem a lot like a sitcom sometimes. We always had friends over, and we ate some form of takeout or delivery at least a couple times a month. As a result, I had the chance to try three different Chinese and Asian restaurants. [...]

Around the World in 80 Plates

Traveling around the world in 80 days might be a challenge impossible to complete as a college student, but traveling the world in “80″ plates did plenty justice. Tonight, in Red Square (the center of campus), students socialized and tasted delightful desserts from all over the world. It could not have been a more perfect [...]

Belgian Food

Food One of the best things about being in Europe is getting a chance to eat some new, delicious foods. Every day I encounter something different and I almost always love it.

First, I live with Marco, who is from a small town near Rome. And boy can he cook. He always says that cooking [...]

Glarnovations: In which my lunch was delicious

This past week Glar, our dinning hall, has been up to things… New things- Good things! While my recent favorite options have been Mrs. Bobby’s mixed-berry salad, the make-your own pasta station on Wednesdays and the Mongolian Grill on Thursdays, this week has been full of some pleasant surprises.

Monday’s lunch was one of Mrs. [...]


So last semester I wrote a lot about trying to go to Belgium this semester. Well guess what? Endless paperwork, 3 trips to the embassy and 1 trip to to consulate later, I got my visa, and I am currently sitting in my apartment in Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode, a highly Turkish neighborhood in Brussels, Belgium.

I’ve [...]