October 2014
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Sports Talk: Green Terror Sports Across the Decades

Hey guys!

Today, there was an alumni panel on sports across McDaniel. I learned some interesting facts.

The first sport at McDaniel was Club Swinging. This sport was started by William Roberts McDaniel, our namesake. Since he ran that, and later, bicycling, he was kind of like our first athletic director. The second sport was [...]

Sports Support on the Hill (GO BRONCOS!)

In light of my Broncos big win today to head to the Super Bowl, I thought I would talk about seeing the study body support their favorite teams. Being a big sports fan, it is really fun to see all the different teams and sports represented on the Hill. During football season, you can guarantee [...]

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports at McDaniel are a great way to have fun with friends while feeding a little bit of your competitive side. Literally anyone at McDaniel can enjoy intramural sports – even those who think they are not athletic! I have had several people who had never played a sport before participate on my flag [...]

Still Having Fun on the Hill

Back on the hill, and it feels so good. A month away from anything can really bring you to miss it. I decided I would use this blog to list everything that’s new in our little community. To begin with, it is FREEZING! Though it very well might have been this cold last Winter, it [...]

Super Bowl bound!

After a well-played game against the New England Patriots, the Baltimore Ravens are going to the Super Bowl!

While the Ravens aren’t my favorite football team (that distinction goes to the Packers), I’m excited because life on campus (once the semester starts back up) is going to be a lot more exciting!

McDaniel College and [...]