August 2014
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Language Houses at McDaniel

Any foreign language major who has spent a year living in one of our “language houses,” will agree that it is one of the best opportunities that McDaniel offers.  The German, Spanish, French, and Arabic departments all have their own house.  In each of these houses there is an exchange student who will study at [...]

Dinner and a Movie

Friday nights are the best! After the last class of the day, you don’t have to worry about what is going to happen tomorrow. No thoughts of homework or meetings, nothing but complete freedom for one whole night. Friday nights are beautiful gifts that have to be spent wisely. Thus, last Friday, I decided on [...]

Last two weeks in the Spanish house

As the year comes to an end, so does my time in McDaniel’s Spanish house. For the past few days, my housemates and I have been celebrating the awesome year that we’ve shared together. On Friday we had a picnic with a few of the professors in the department and tonight was a surprise going [...]

Language Requirement

At McDaniel there is a language requirement. I think this is a fabulous idea, as learning a foreign language is extremely important. I placed out of the requirement by passing a Spanish test, and this has allowed me to access the other great languages here.

First I took French. This was a very fun class [...]

‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’: A Cultural Experience on Campus

Tonight I had the nice opportunity to go see Cave of Forgotten Dreams, an award-winning documentary by German filmmaker Werner Herzog giving viewers an unprecedented look at the prehistoric cave paintings in Chauvet Cave in southern France.

The documentary is the first of five films to be shown at McDaniel this September as part of [...]