April 2014
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Join the Rush

There are eight social sororities and fraternities on campus. But there are also two lesser known service groups: APO, a service fraternity, and Gamma Sigma Sigma, a service sorority (although both are coed). Last night, Gamma Sigma Sigma held their Meet the Sisters event. Now I know, there are many reservations and assumptions that come [...]

Election Night for Gamma Sig!

Last night my sorority had Executive Board elections. A very terrifying experience if you have never been in a situation like that before. Sitting in the crowd waiting for your position to be up for voting makes your heart pound. Last Fall semester, I was up for National Rep which is of course the last [...]

Memorial 5K Run

On Saturday, I went and helped out at the Flying Feet Burk Memorial 5K Run for my sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma.  The run was about five minutes away from campus at a place called the Wakefield Valley Community Trail, and it was a running club that put the whole thing together.  I went with three [...]

Gamma Sig District 4 Service Day

I must have been crazy when I said I would be the chair of this event. I had no idea how much work was really involved with putting on an event that included chapters from all over the district and 5 service projects all happening at once. The Service Day this past Saturday went better [...]

District 4 Service Day!

This weekend, my sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma held its first ever district event.  The chapter hosted two other chapters in a Day of Service. Most of the details for this large day of service were planned by my little, Whitney.  As I watched the event come together piece by piece, I could not have been [...]