November 2014
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A New Motto to Live By

Today was a dreary, bland, annoying day. One of those days where you can’t think about anything except turning around and climbing right back into bed and sleeping until Spring. Personally, I’ve always wished that we humans could hibernate like polar bears from the day after Christmas until the first day that it’s warm enough […]

Join the Rush

There are eight social sororities and fraternities on campus. But there are also two lesser known service groups: APO, a service fraternity, and Gamma Sigma Sigma, a service sorority (although both are coed). Last night, Gamma Sigma Sigma held their Meet the Sisters event. Now I know, there are many reservations and assumptions that come […]

Sustainable Volunteering

As today was International Pancake Day, my friends and I headed over to IHOP for a short stack of pancakes. Rather than paying the regular fee, guests are encouraged to make donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals after the meal. We entered the building at 10AM, and the walls were already covered with slips of […]

To Be a Part of Something Big!

This past Friday I was initiated into the fraternity I have been pledging for most of this past semester, Alpha Sigma Phi. As anyone might indicate, becoming a part of a fraternity is no easy undertaking and consumes a good portion of your time. This is true. Finding a balance between my various responsibilities […]

…And When It Comes To GLAR

Englar Dining Hall (GLAR) can be an intimidating place on campus for someone who is going in for the first time. Since it is the only dining hall on campus, almost every student that does not have an apartment with a kitchen finds themselves in GLAR at one point or another during the day. During […]