October 2014
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Supporting our Green Terror!!! Whoot Whoot!

One thing I will always remember and cherish most at McDaniel are the sporting events. Football games are always memorable and everyone has a great time. We have a bowl field, which is amazing because no matter where you are sitting you have a great view of the game! Loads of people from school attend [...]

Green Terror Baseball

Baseball is undoubtedly my favorite sport, so of course I am a fan of the McDaniel Green Terror baseball team. Like the 22 other sports here, we compete in Division III in the Centennial Conference. Not does this conference denote teams that are all 100 years old and older, it is also the third smartest conference in [...]

McDaniel does social media

When you become a member of the McDaniel community, you’ll quickly learn that McDaniel College has a much bigger presence on social media than you might think. McDaniel has dozens of Facebook pages and Twitters associated with its various departments and organizations.

Here are some of the most interesting:

1. McDaniel College / @McDaniel College


Homecoming on the Hill

On Saturday I started my morning by sitting at the front desk in the Admissions office talking to perspective students. I later ended my day hanging out in the green room of the theatre with my new friends that are McDaniel Alumni. One of the reasons I love Homecoming is because not only do you [...]


This was surprisingly my first year attending homecoming, even though I am a senior. I think I skipped it mostly because I thought of it as something for people who already graduated. While this is true, I had a great time this year, and was able to see a lot of my friends who recently [...]