November 2014
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Hairspray, WOW!

McDaniel Theatre Department brought the house down with our run of HAIRSPRAY this past weekend! After having the first set of auditions at the end of last semester, followed by another set during the first week of school this semester, the production team assembled about 30 people to hop back into 1960s Baltimore for a […]


This weekend I went to see Hairspray! This was an incredible show. It had great songs and dances as well as great acting. It was in Alumni Hall, McDaniel’s theater. I paid only 8 dollars to go, but if one volunteers to usher they can attend for free. I had a wonderful time.

One nice […]

Pre-Midterm Fun

I had a really great week and I had a lot of fun throughout it. My classes went really well this week although there was the slightly terrifying moment when I realized that I have midterms next week, but that’s life. Beside which I am not too worried about them because I really enjoy my […]

McDaniel Theatre presents Hairspray!

This evening, I went with a bunch of friends to see the famed musical Hairspray, McDaniel College Theatre’s first production of the semester. People around campus really liked last night’s opening performance, so I knew I was in for a good show tonight. It did not disappoint!

I’ll admit that I wasn’t a huge fan […]

McDaniel Theatre and other good things

The McDaniel theater program is known for putting on quality performances. Generally the performances are dramas but the program puts on one or two musicals a year. This year’s choice was Hairspray, starring my friend Kelsey Gondek as Tracy Turnblad. Of course, I knew other members of the cast and they were all excellent, but I was […]