November 2014
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New McBlogger: Maria Brew

Hello everyone! My name is Maria Brew and I am a senior here on the Hill. I am very excited to be blogging for the school and sharing my experience here at McDaniel! I come from a small town called Moorestown located in South Jersey. Living in Moorestown I got the best of both worlds […]

My Five Favorite Things About This Christmas, 2013

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions and special holiday moments. Well, this Christmas was extra special for my family, and to honor that, here are five of my favorite things about this Christmas:

Cookie Baking! I’m not sure if other families are like mine, but we have always made a ton of cookies. This year, […]

A little laziness to kick things off

I’ve been home for almost a week now, and my time since leaving college has been fabulously lazy, for the most part–at least compared to what I do at college.

At McDaniel, I find myself constantly working toward deadlines, going to meetings, and finding time to squeeze in time with friends and other fun activities. […]

Staying Connected With Home

Rhode Island and my home don’t seem that far from Maryland and McDaniel, but 7 and a half hours driving or an hour flight are difficult to justify for just a short weekend.

For this reason, I usually don’t go home at all during the semester. For shorter breaks, I will go home with one […]

Returning from my quilting bee

Yesterday afternoon, I was gearing up to go back to McDaniel later in the evening, when my mom and sister came back from the fabric store with a few bolts of beautiful fabric. They had decided to follow up on my suggestion that we make a quilt for one of our family friends who is […]