November 2014
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The Best Homecoming Ever!

Tailgating during the game is a big tradition on the Hill! Sororities and fraternities traditionally paint their letters on the grass prior to games.

I’m a senior this year, so I knew that I had to make the most of my last Homecoming as a current student on the Hill. (Plenty more Homecomings await [...]

Dance the Night Away

Last Friday, my friends and I went to the homecoming dance, which I hope will become a new tradition here at McDaniel.

Although there weren’t as many people there as I would have hoped, at least not at first, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad we went. It was worth the two [...]

The Homecoming Talent Show

Devyn, Tyler, Jason, and Me

During the week before the Homecoming football game, we had a bunch of different events for the spirit week. Although I could not make it to all of them, I went to the talent show. It was great! We have so many talented people on campus. It never ceases [...]

Homecoming on the Hill

On Saturday I started my morning by sitting at the front desk in the Admissions office talking to perspective students. I later ended my day hanging out in the green room of the theatre with my new friends that are McDaniel Alumni. One of the reasons I love Homecoming is because not only do you [...]


The Homecoming experience at McDaniel is pretty systematic: get up and watch parade (or sleep in…), go to football stadium, wander from tent to tent catching up with people and eating, cheer for football team when something exciting happens, etc.

While I did all these things and had a blast, I’d have to say that [...]