April 2014
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Snow can’t stop us: Making up for lost class time

This Monday morning, I awoke early (for whatever reason), realized I should check my email to see how the weather would be affecting my day, and promptly rolled over back to sleep upon learning that McDaniel College would be having its fifth snow day of the semester. (It’s normal to have one or two snow [...]

Spring semester: things to do your first week back

Thought a little chaotic, the start of spring semester is an exciting time for many McDaniel students. It can be hard to get back into the swing of things right in the middle of winter after a six-week vacation, but with plenty of friends and professors to be reunited with and a cool new course [...]

Expect the unexpected

A lot of unexpected things have been happening on campus over the past couple of weeks. On Tuesday night of last week, gastroenteritis, which came to be known on campus as the McVirus and the McPlague showed up unexpectedly. (In our college campus bubble, not many people were aware that gastroenteritis had been going around [...]

I’ve been busy!

It was a busy week for me here on the Hill!

In addition to attending my three Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes, I devoted much of my Monday to helping out the Honors Program by eating at the luncheon for prospective Honors students and spending time in the Honors study lounge, the Room of Requirement. I had a [...]

The Dreaded Group Project

There is always that one teacher that expects you to do a huge group project during the semester. And in said group, there’s always one person you have to pick up the slack for. Let’s just say I don’t jump up and down with excitement when I am handed a group project. However, this semester [...]