November 2014
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Halloween on the Hill

There are always so many different things that happen on campus during Halloween. Yesterday, all of the library staff was dressed up. It was so adorable! Some of the departments had a trick-o-treat event. In the Admissions Office, they had Ramen, which I definitely stocked up on.

Ramen for a week! All thanks to […]

Honors Program = Fun

Hanging with my residents at the Glow Party

Being in the Honors Program is such a great opportunity! I have taken so many great courses, and I have never had an honors elective I haven’t enjoyed. The Program Directors always ask for our input on the classes, and we often get to take classes […]

An Award-Winning Night

Last Sunday, the most wonderful night of stars, glamour, and movies took place: the Oscars. Normally, I would not watch the Oscars because I don’t have a TV and I also tend not to watch shows alone. Fortunately, we had a suite event in DMC. Suite 101 threw an Oscars Party.

In a true […]

So I threw a Halloween party last night…

Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, both this weekend and last weekend were eligible for Halloween festivities. Another DMC suite and I volunteered to host a Halloween party in DMC Lounge after the vice president of the Honors Club sent out an email to everyone in the Honors Program wondering if anyone would […]

Move-in Weekend

The problem with having the privilege of an upperclassman to move in at any time I want, is that inevitably, I’ll show up a lot later than originally planned. This of course, is what happened. Though I had planned to move in at some point during the three o’clock hour yesterday, on Saturday, I didn’t […]