April 2014
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Spend some time with us! (It’s more important than you’d think)

In recent years, President’s Day has become quite meaningful to me. For even though as a college student, I don’t get the day off, I do use the holiday as a time to reflect upon the fact that I’m so fortunate to have chosen McDaniel, since it’s been such a great fit for me. My [...]

A Little Bit About Me: Dani

Hello, ladies and gentleman. My name is Danielle Fatzinger, or Dani, and I’m a new McBlogger. Therefore, I thought I’d share a bit about myself so you know how certified I am to talk about McDaniel.

First of all, I don’t like these introduction-type things. It’s the same as going to an interview where someone [...]

Annie: An English major and so much more

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I’ve introduced myself, so now that my fifth semester at McDaniel has wrapped up, I have plenty of time to let you know about me and what’s the latest in my McDaniel life.

I’m Annie Brown, and I’m a junior English major and writing minor who concentrates her [...]

Fire Dancers & Survivors: Senior Honors Banquet

As the end of the semester keeps drawing closer, many departments, sports teams and honor societies are all having their end of the year banquets and dinners.  The Honors Program is not exception, and this past Sunday we had our “Senior Honors Banquet”… but it was a Banquet like no other…

Why you ask? First [...]

Honors, Honors, and more Honors

At McDaniel there are a bunch of different ways to show off your academic skills. There are a variety of forms of “honors” and over the years I have accomplished a few.

1) Phi Beta Kappa – This is the most well known honors society. It is a national society that has existed for hundreds [...]