April 2014
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My busy little week

I wasn’t on campus from Sunday evening through Monday evening, so I’ve had an exhausting time this week cramming all of my assignments, obligations, and activities into what time I was left with.

Academically, I’ve been working on keeping up with my reading and writing for my memoir writing class, having had to turn in [...]

First Year Dorm-ing

Being Editor in Chief of the Free Press has some perks. One of those is finding out information before most other students on campus. This week I had the chance to break the news about a change in freshman housing on campus.

For years and years, it was traditional for students to be separated by [...]

Cold and Compromise: Living with a Roommate

Roommates are tough business. You’re cooped up in a tiny box with one for a full year and let’s face it, you could be the most unobjectionable, peaceful person and you will still want to punch your roommate in the face after a semester of daily interaction. Their stuff will end up on your [...]

Kickin’ it with my housemates

One of the best parts of college life is how quickly relationships form and how intense they become because we are constantly around each other. Though I only knew one member of the Spanish house before I moved in, I consider living here one of the best decisions I’ve made in college.

There are ten [...]

Moving to the Spanish House

After studying in Costa Rica last semester, I found myself yearning for Spanish. I blasted Spanish music in my car and tried to read Spanish newspapers, but I missed being immersed in the language. I missed the consistency, the stumbles, and the feeling of pride that grew with my conversation skills.

Luckily, I was offered [...]