October 2014
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Global Fellows Colloquium

On Thursday, September 11, I went to the Global Fellows Colloquium. The guest speaker was Dr. John MacAloon from the University of Chicago, and we debated the Geopolitics of Olympic Host Cities. This was the best colloquium we have had so far! It was really interactive, and it gave us the chance to show all [...]

An Evening of Culture

Friday was such a busy day because so many awesome cultural things were going on! I went to United, which was a show put on by all of the cultural groups on campus. There were performances, food, games, etc. It was such a blast to see all of my friends on stage. McDaniel has so [...]


Last night, McDaniel College hosted its first ever multicultural show ‘United’ where all our cultural clubs and organizations got together and presented various performances showcasing different cultures and promoting diversity and unity at the same time. It was the perfect day for the event to be hosted on, cozy weather, hash-tag Friday. Our Ensor lounge [...]

Broadening my Horizons

Part of being a Global Fellow is taking more than the required amount of international courses at McDaniel. Last semester I took one of the best classes ever: Asian Philosophy. In middle school, I had learned a little bit about Eastern religions like Buddhism and Confucianism. In high school, I learned about the world in [...]

World Peace Anyone?

McDaniel College has so many amazing opportunities, and I have had the pleasure of being part of the inaugural group of the Global Fellows Program. What is Global Fellows you may ask? It is best group on campus if you ask me. It is for people who are concerned with our world on an international [...]