October 2014
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Ed Burns

Tonight I was lucky enough to listen to a guest speaker who was the producer and screenwriter for the hit HBO series, The Wire. Ed Burns worked in both law enforcement and within the education system.

Burns has seen a lot and been through a lot throughout his life. He spoke about our society and [...]

Lectures on Campus

A great aspect of McDaniel is the amount of guest speakers and lectures we have on campus. A variety of departments, clubs, and organizations will have people come to the Hill to share their knowledge with us. I enjoy it because it is a different way to learn new information that I probably would not [...]

My busy little week

I wasn’t on campus from Sunday evening through Monday evening, so I’ve had an exhausting time this week cramming all of my assignments, obligations, and activities into what time I was left with.

Academically, I’ve been working on keeping up with my reading and writing for my memoir writing class, having had to turn in [...]

April approaches!

In my five and a half semesters here on the Hill, I’ve found that April can be one of the most overwhelming months of the school year. But a lot of what makes the month of April such a jam-packed time is stuff that’s actually fun.

One thing I love about early April in particular [...]

Speakers at the College: Dr. Telhami on the Middle East

Hey guys,

McDaniel often brings speakers to campus to lecture on topics of interest. There are always a variety of topics, and I’d guestimate that there’s one every two weeks at minimum. On Tuesday, Dr Shibley Telhami, who teaches at the University of Maryland at College Park, came and gave a lecture. He has [...]