November 2014
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Staying in touch with home via voting

Hey guys!

A few days ago, I checked my mail and received my Vote by Mail ballot, to my great excitement. The only reason I was excited to turn 18 was to finally be able to vote. Even though I’m many miles away from the great city of San Francisco, my permanent residence is still […]

Maryland Student Legislature Fall Leadership Training Institute

MSL delegates around lunch tables.

Hi guys!

Last Saturday was Maryland Student Legislature’s first conference of the year: the Fall Leadership Training Institute. McDaniel didn’t send a delegation to this event since it was over Fall Break and since LTI tends to be the less exciting event of the year, but my friend, who […]

Ema? Who’s that kid?

A rare picture of me at Moose Falls, a two minute hike off the road in Yellowstone.

Hi guys,

My name is Ema Barnes, and I’m one of those people who does way too many things.

I’m majoring in English and Political Science. I’m minoring in Spanish, Writing, and Computer Science, and I’m a […]

Annual Session–Maryland Student Legislature

McDaniel’s MSL delegation, which won the 2013-2014 award for Best Delegation.

Hey guys, This weekend, I’ve been in Annapolis, MD for Maryland Student Legislature’s Annual Session of simulation the MD legislature. It’s been a whirlwind of events, and it barely feels like an hour ago that I left McDaniel, while that was […]

Maryland Student Legislature

Hey there,

This weekend, I’ve been away at a Maryland Student Legislature conference at the University of Maryland, College Park. MSL has four conventions a year, and thankfully, most of them are close enough that we can come back to campus for the night, which means that they’re free for us thanks to the funding […]