November 2014
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Yes, Midterms Exist in Budapest.

I am sorry that I have not posted in a while! Fall break for McDaniel Budapest students was this past week and I was in Budapest for a grand total of 12 hours over the past ten days. During those ten days I was in Venice, Vienna, and Krakow. Each city was fantastic and I […]

Preparations for Spring Break

The week leading up to Spring Break always seems like the longest week of the semester. Not only are most students packing up to go home/on vacation but we also have this horrible rain cloud above our heads called “midterms.” In my four years, I have figured out how to conquer midterms…it […]


Just like many of you I am not the biggest fan of studying but it’s one of those things that we all have to do. For me, finals week is always the worst but midterms week is still pretty bad. This year I have two tests this week for midterms and I already took one […]

Gearing up for Midterms!

Hey all,

Gearing up for midterms this semester has been surprisingly non-stressful. Though I’m taking my maximum allotted 22 credits, or six total classes, I only have one mid-term. This is one of the benefits of my majors–English and Political Science–as normally these classes are more likely to assign papers in place of exams. (For […]

Holy Midterms

If you ask just about any college student what their least favorite part of college academics is, they’ll likely respond with midterms. They do suck, no sugar-coating here. In both Fall and Spring semesters they fall right before break. You’re just ready to unwind a little because the pressure has just started to get […]