November 2014
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Midterm Week

It’s that unavoidable point in the semester that every student dreads: midterms. Of course they come right before spring break, looming over your head as you’re busy thinking about the beach you’ll be laying on at that time next week.

I always get lucky and usually have a mixture of tests, papers, or projects, making […]

Dreading midterms? Don’t!

This coming week, the bags under our eyes will grow, our hair will become slightly more disheveled than usual, and a sharp increase in those wearing sweatpants will sweep the campus. The coffee will course through our veins and we’ll yearn for the chance to go home and sleep for ten days straight. It’s inevitable; […]

Midterm Grades…Dun Dun Dun

Midterms is always the week were everyone instantly forgets everything they have learned so far in the semester. It’s like when you see a car coming at you and you just freeze up and forget what you are supposed to do. But what is worse that getting hit by a car? Getting hit by a […]

De-Stress Movie Night

The week of Midterms can be almost as stressful as Finals Week. Midterms are a time that everyone starts freaking out that everything they have been learning this semester is no longer in their brains and they need to cram it in there for one test that will be a chunk of their grade. The […]

Fall Break Begins

So Midterms are over for me, thank goodness and today is the Saturday of Fall Break. My midterms were not nearly as bad as I worried they would be. I studied for several hours for each of them and I feel like I did well on them all. The Environmental Policy exam I was really […]