October 2014
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The Worst is Over! (For Now…)

I’m very happy that all of my midterms wrapped up yesterday! I handed in my take-home midterm for my evening class, took an in-class science midterm, also turned in an essay draft for my rhetoric class. It was definitely overwhelming that all of this had to happen in one day, but now it’s over, I [...]

The Power of Stories

It’s midterms week! Despite all the work, writing, studying, stress, and yes, procrastination, I made time tonight to go see the Holloway Lecture, an annual lecture sponsored by the McDaniel English Department. (A generous offering of extra credit from one of my professors also coaxed me out of my room this evening.)

This year’s speaker [...]

Midterm Week Begins

Yesterday was a day with way too much to do and not a lot of time to do it. Mostly it was the homework I neglected on Saturday to relax with my friends, but the day still managed to be pretty fun. I worked on stuff for most of my classes and got all of [...]

Midterms and All that Jazz

Hello again! This weekend I went home, but I would have preferred to stay on campus just because of the amount of homework I have to get done on Sunday. On Friday, I went to visit family in Philadelphia and on Saturday, all day, I went to a Maryland (College Park) football game. Now, don’t [...]

Gearing Up for Midterms

The fifth and sixth weeks of the semester are always when people realize that Midterms are just around the corner. Two weeks from now, I will be on my way home for Fall Break. As much as I love being on campus and love McDaniel, it is always nice to go home and just relax [...]