July 2014
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Busy Bee Gets Some Free Time

The past few weeks have been hectic with projects and track and papers and presentations and end of semester life. Having to get everything done as much as I could before this passed Friday forced me to spend my time outside of class and meals doing homework, which was tiring but totally worth it since [...]

The Silence of Campus

Spring break has officially started, and while everyone was packing anxiously to go home, I was sleeping the day away. This break I am staying on campus and working. When I say that to people, they become sad and will offer for me to come over to their house, but in reality, being on campus [...]

Decker Auditorium Movies

These days, movie prices can be so expensive. It is hard to find a theater where you will spend less than $10 for your movie experience. Luckily, here at McDaniel, we get our own, FREE theater about once a month. Decker Auditorium has a huge screen and movie theater-like seats, so it makes you feel like you [...]

Dinner and a Movie

Friday nights are the best! After the last class of the day, you don’t have to worry about what is going to happen tomorrow. No thoughts of homework or meetings, nothing but complete freedom for one whole night. Friday nights are beautiful gifts that have to be spent wisely. Thus, last Friday, I decided on [...]

Things I’ve Been Watching

Thanks to Jan Term’s ability to give students work but not too much work, I’ve had plenty of free time to watch Netflix outside of classes, track, and work. These are the shows and movies I’ve watched at least once since I got here:

Supernatural (mostly Supernatural). Pocahontas Emperor’s New Groove Red Dawn (the new [...]