November 2014
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French Film Festival

Yesterday I went to the first movie of the French Film Festival we have on campus every year. I have made it a point to try and see all of the animated films they offer because I think the French have such a different style from the traditional Disney/Pixar films that I love.¬† This film, […]

Awaiting Welcome Week

Another sign that fall semester is just around the corner appeared today when McDaniel’s Office of Student Engagement posted this year’s Welcome Week schedule on Twitter.

Welcome Week always takes place during the first week of classes. It’s kind of like a continuation of First Year Orientation week, which takes place the week before class […]

Busy Bee Gets Some Free Time

The past few weeks have been hectic with projects and track and papers and presentations and end of semester life. Having to get everything done as much as I could before this passed Friday forced me to spend my time outside of class and meals doing homework, which was tiring but totally worth it since […]

The Silence of Campus

Spring break has officially started, and while everyone was packing anxiously to go home, I was sleeping the day away. This break I am staying on campus and working. When I say that to people, they become sad and will offer for me to come over to their house, but in reality, being on campus […]

Decker Auditorium Movies

These days, movie prices can be so expensive. It is hard to find a theater where you will spend less than $10 for your movie experience. Luckily, here at McDaniel, we get our own, FREE theater about once a month.¬†Decker¬†Auditorium has a huge screen and movie theater-like seats, so it makes you feel like you […]