April 2014
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Movie theaters near campus

This weekend, a friend and I went off campus and saw the new The Great Gatsby movie. It was a great break from studying for finals and we were both struck by the amazing costumes, crazy party scenes, and how perfectly Leonardo DiCaprio fit the role of Gatsby.


Seeing the movie reminded [...]

Prof Picks a Flick

McDaniel professors seem to always come up with new ways to continue educating their students outside of the classroom in unique ways and “Prof Picks a Flick” is now the latest version.

The Honors Program was approached by Dr. Madsen from the Psychology Department and Dr. Raley from the Sociology Department to put this [...]

Goodwill and Westminster Fun

In honor of my birthday, my sister came up (from D.C.) to spend the weekend with me. We kept the Friday night calm, going to the campus showing of Sky Fall. James Bond will always have a special place in my heart, especially those played by Sean Connery. I grew up on these movies (along [...]

Bond. James Bond.

This Friday night was a blast. The college was hosting one of its Friday night movie screenings, and this time it was one that I really wanted to see: Skyfall, the new James Bond movie! I hadn’t seen it yet, and neither had some of my friends so a group of us decided to head [...]

De-Stress Movie Night

The week of Midterms can be almost as stressful as Finals Week. Midterms are a time that everyone starts freaking out that everything they have been learning this semester is no longer in their brains and they need to cram it in there for one test that will be a chunk of their grade. The [...]