April 2014
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Let the Greek Games Commence!

Monday around 4:30, the opening ceremonies for Greek Week were held on the ANW quad. Each year this tradition serves to commemorate the spirit of interfraternal togetherness and competition. Monday was simple field games like tug-of-war, water bucket relay, hoola-hoop passing, and a crazy relay where one person spins around a bat the runs [...]

A Very Alpha Sig Night at Bdubs

A while back I blogged about a philanthropy event that I organized for my fraternity at a local gaming place, Players. It was a huge success. Well tonight the Alpha Sigs hosted another fundraiser at my direction, a fundraising night at Bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) to help raise money for Relay for Life.

What just happened in Annapolis?: In-field lectures at McDaniel

One really cool thing about college in general, and specifically about McDaniel, is the chances it provides for students to get first hand experience in whatever field they are involved in. Tonight that experience manifested itself in a chance to meet two Maryland Senators who came to McDaniel to talk about what happened in [...]

Lia Purpura Came to Speak!

Tonight was very unique. A guest lecturer and poet, Lia Purpura, read tonight at the annual Bothe lecture, a lecture held every year in honor of Judge Elsbeth Levy Bothe of the Maryland Circuit Court who donated generously to McDaniel in support of the arts and passed away this past March. Normally lectures like [...]

Road Trip!!!!!

I think the value of a good road trip has been lost among our age group. For example, some of the best memories I will take from the year’s Spring Break will be from the 13 hour drives there and back with two of my best friends. Regardless of this, three other friends who [...]